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Most mobile users are happy with LG mobile phones because of several features that are offered by these phones. With the invention of the mobile phones, communication has become much easier than before. You can talk to your spouse even when you both are located at two different continents.

LG is one of the most popular mobile brands in the market as of today because of its amazing mobile handsets. When you are looking to buy a new mobile phone, you need to consider the mobile network facilities. In the UK market, the sales of the mobile phones have increased as the simple mobile phone has changed into info-entertainment services.

LG pay as you go phones are embedded with high end technology and are available in latest styles and colours. The LG Viewty GT Silver has a 5 megapixel camera and the cost of the mobile phone is 99.99 pounds. The Optimus One model has 3 megapixel camera and costs around thirty pounds extra. Both these mobile phones have a large screen that is helpful for customers who want to surf the internet and send emails or texts for business and personal purposes.

The Optimus One Black has board memory of 160 MB, whereas Viewty GT Silver has 60 MB. LG pay as you go deals are becoming very popular in the UK. As compared to the contract deal, pay as you go phones offer convenience of a cell phone as it does not binds the customer to any contract. You need to pay only for the minutes used by you, and you can pay when you want, and pay how you want.

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